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4 Corners Cabin Dwelling

Concept Study 

Cedar "Timber", Concrete



The program revolves around a central open garden space, the functions of the home are split into 4 equal quadrants each defining a use for the occupant.

All components spill into a light filled open gathering space, a "Hearth" at the middle.

The roof is fully occupiable for 360 views

to the surrounding mountain ranges.

The Cruciform circulation space will allow for natural cross ventilation and passive air flow between the 4 solid volumes.





Carolina Ridgeline 

A "Dwelling" for the Elders


A 12 Square Grid layout using two 20' container pods with locally sourced cedar and heavy timber framing. Open central breezeway for natural ventilation and

passive comfort. A double roof system

will be used as well as PV panel and

water actuation for this small scale build.

Historic treatment of torched cedar to

provide for the exterior cladding.


Terrain of the Coastal Plains

Concept Study


Gulf Coast pines have made

their way for over 60,000 years.

"Uprooted" Monolith

Concept Study


A study of place.

Sequence of formations both earthly and built as captured within a setting of naturally eroded land and rock.

Timber formwork framing is used to cast the concrete shell and later preserved and used to clad the interior space of the dwelling.

Midwestern Region 

Brewery & Roaster

20,000 sf

Project Design / Consult

Brick, Ironwork, Glass


The project will be situated in a sensitive and historic part of Midwestern United States  The

site holds a significantly rich industrial past and architectural prowess that defined itself not only by its grandeur of manufacturing but also by its poetic mutualism unifying the old and new..

Much of the project will allow for specific views from many important angles that anchor the site to its historical context. By visually connecting spaces to these important historic landmarks you get an understanding of place. The proper use of materials are important to the site since

they tell the story and reflect upon the historical and contemporary attitude of the city.